æ 20: tributary

the final moments of "lunacy" as an album are aboard a wave-tossed vessel that was put out to sea as a final act of relinquishing control, of openness to whatever is ahead, of surrender to the winds + currents of fate (without a corresponding belief in fatalism). this living moment-to-moment is what i mean by "the second naïveté."

æ 19: destroy the moon

i feel there might be more revolutionary potential + actual love in living like this is all there is (as opposed to superstitiously opting to defer to a conjectural, unknown future); if we chose to live as if that dash between birth + death was all there is, i’m persuaded we would make more authentic decisions, better use of our time + not kill as many people with our thoughts, words + actions.

æ 18: insolent

how many times have we ardently asked for something good + it wasn’t given to us? and to turn the analogy around, how many times have my kids called me in the middle of the night because they were sick or had a bad dream + i immediately came to their aid (despite losing my cool with them earlier that day + valuing undisturbed sleep)? in answer to both of those questions: consistently.